Tokyo Comic Con


On December 2, 2016, the 1st TOKYO COMIC CON was held in Makuhari Messe, in Chiba City. This event came from the United States. Because this festival is famous for the world’s largest pop culture event, the enthusiasm and energy of the visitor were  overflowing. Within the venue, exhibitions, events and cosplayers related to movies and games were fascinated for the visitors.

As for the state of the event, about 30% of the visitors were foreigners. Some were those who lives in Japan, others were those who came to Japan for this day.

At the opening ceremony, many Hollywood stars such as Mr. Stan Lee of American chef, Mr. Jeremy Renner of Avengers, Matthew David Lewis of Harry Potter series, Mr. Billy Boyd of Lord of the Rings series, Mr. Daniel Logan of Star Wars episode 2 entered a lot. And we could watch the first picture of the Hollywood blockbuster movie and an autograph session were held.


At the event, Mr. Ryosuke Takeuchi, the actor of Japanese drama “Masked Rider Drive” , who was chosen as the comic ambassador appeared and had a talk session with Mr. Stan Lee. Mr. Takeuchi loves Marvel works and watching all works including spin-off and has some DVDs. Mr. Stan Lee said to Mr. Takeuchi, who wants to play a Mutant, that “You are a little alike with Mutant” with a smile. It was very charming.

In the hall, there were scattered large-scale exhibits and cosplay characters, and many people were enjoying taking commemorative photos. Of course, many of the exhibits in Japan such as “Shin Godzilla”, “Osomatsu-san”, “parasitic beast”, “Death Note”, etc. were displayed. This was the characteristic of Tokyo Comic con. There were also many eating and drinking booths, and anyone could enjoy at the event, regardless of age, men and women.


On the second day “Cosplay Fashion Show 2016” people were overflowing in front of the stage, and raised the cheers for the high quality.


Among them, I interviewed to the cosplayer’s  photography booth “Fandom”.

Fandom opened their site “Fan’s Voice”, which is the Fan’s media for fans by fans in October. The person in charge said that “Fans gathered and managed this site. Otaku has the power to create culture. The depth of knowledge is immeasurable, so I would like to expect the future success. ”

Tokyo Comic con is not just an American celebration event, but it may be an event that merges with the Japanese otaku culture and gains further development.



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