Tokyo Comic Con – This is where you’ll find the Droid you’re looking for

Tokyo Comic Con – This is where you’ll find the Droid you’re looking for


Tokyo Comic Convention, what kind of event is it and what did it have in store?

It’s a first time for me, attending Comic Con that is, which is quite famous in the states.

I’ve participated in conventions like this before back in Malaysia and Japan

and the difference is not too much. There were booths, lots people cosplaying

and everyone enjoying themselves. Well, there is one difference, which is the amount of Western Pop Culture content that was displayed at the convention, such as Marvel and DC superhero figures, Star Wars products, and men and women cosplaying as Spiderman. The famous Stan Lee and other famous Hollywood actors were there too.


One particular booth that really stood out among the others, which is the booth that had BB-8™ written all over it, which is the Sphero booth. Those who have watched last year’s Star Wars The Force Awakens movie, must have a soft spot for this little droid, for it is just adorable. The size is much smaller compared to the movie though, but who’s complaining.

They displayed their line of BB-8™ droids and another product that caught my eye at their booth was, the Force Band™.





What is a Force Band™? It’s actually a wristband that can give you Force powers, well not real Force powers, but something close, is the easiest explanation I can give you.

I had the chance to test out the Force Band™and controlling BB-8™ myself, and let me tell you it won me over instantly.

Force Band

Force Band™

Using the Force Band™, you gain the ability to control BB-8™ at the flick of your wrist. Literally. By using simple hand gestures you’ll be able to make it move anywhere you want. But that’s not the only feature that the Force Band™ has. The Force Training Mode allows you to listen to specific commands from BB-8™ to master the ways of the force and become a true Jedi Master. The Combat Training Mode will have you experience real lightsaber battles, and experience what it feels like to shoot someone with a blaster. Everytime you move your hand to a specific gesture, you will hear sound effects coming from the Force Band™ that you are wearing.

The last feature, which is the Force Awareness Mode enables you to gather Holocrons while you walk around with your Force Band™. Similar to the Pokemon Go Plus, the device will vibrate if there are any Pokemon around. Well the Force Band™ will vibrate telling you that you just received a new Holocron. Plus you can gather new sound effects for the Combat Training Mode as well! The Holocrons and sound effects are accessible in the app which you have to download beforehand.


Speaking of the app, apparently before the Force Band™ was introduced, the app was all you need to move BB-8™ around.



The app has a few more features as well such as, a mode that makes BB-8 move freely around you. I was quite surprised at the range BB-8™ covered. Another feature which is the Video Recording Tool lets you record videos of yourself and later viewing them as Holograms through BB-8™, which is quite amazing. The Holocrons that you collected with the Force Band™ are viewable through BB-8™ as well. Another feature, which lets you say phrases to BB-8™ and it will listen to you. Tried using a few phrases myself and surprisingly It works pretty well.

So by integrating the Force Band™ with the app and BB-8™, you’ll get an amazing Star Wars experience like never before.  As a Star Wars fan myself, I am quite pleased with the amount of detail and effort that has been made in making these products. Hopefully we can expect more amazing features from the developers at Sphero in the near future.

The Force Band™ and BB-8™ droid is currently on sale in Apple Stores in Japan. For folks outside of Japan you can check out their website to find out where you can get one.

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Auther: Nabil Akram


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